Laura is a several time national cycling champion...

Updated: May 13, 2020

I love to ride my bike...and the area in and around Tahoe Donner is one of the favorites

Today...I spend much of my leisure time on a bike, on the snow or on the water.

“When I was younger...I wasn't much of an athlete." But when I moved to California from the mid west I discovered that I loved to hike and bike. Shortly after that I discovered Cross-Country skiing...and most recently kayaking. And of course TD is wonderful for all of these activities.”

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love to do activities with my friends. And there is no doubt that the Tahoe Donner area is one of the best areas in the country to do this...

A typical summer day in Tahoe Donner will start of with a bike ride with my husband and a few of our friends. Weather is climbing up Donner Pass Road, going to reservoirs or farther afield to the Gold Lakes area...the riding just can't be beat. In the winter the day usually starts off with skiing at the Cross-Country Ski area.

In the summer we love to go hiking...or kayaking...

And of course evenings are for home....or perhaps the Lodge.

With all of the biking in Tahoe...with some incredible athletes (thanks Paco...Debbie...Annie..) I've been able to successfully compete at the national level in cycling. Last summer, after some high altitude training in TD, I headed to Colorado Springs where I managed to win both the Road Race and Time Trail for my age group.

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