My Positions on Key Issues and FAQ are shown below.

I would like to hear from you on any or all of these issues...and of course any other issues, ideas or concerns you may have.

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Key video clips on outlining my positions

During the course of the campaign, I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with many of you about your concerns.  You have contacted me by e-mail, met me at the forums or looked at my social media. For those of you I haven't yet met, I want you to hear my positions directly from me, through the following links to my statements on the issues many have raised. 

Some issues are addressed on my website positions page. I have also created short clips from presentations and candidate forums that address key issues raised by members. 

Meet me...my introduction

Amenity (overcrowding) Task force Board Wrap-up

Amenity Access Policy

Downhill Ski Lodge - Sizing

More unites us than divides us

Quality of life and enforcement

As you listen to the clips I hope you take away two things that I am most passionate about: 

  1. Tahoe Donner is a place to enjoy healthy, outdoor activities with our families and friends 

  2. Decisions should be made through an inclusive process, where members are heard and encouraged to listen to each other in order to reach common ground.


Your Vote Counts: Laura for our neighborhood

June 1 e-mail to TD owners

I believe that Tahoe Donner should remain a residential community operated for the benefit of the owners and their families. My goal is to preserve the open space, outdoor activities and family-friendly nature of our community that drew most of us her, whether full or part-time.
I love skiing, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking and spending time at the Lodge and Alder Creek with family and friends. I believe in high quality amenities, coupled with the ability of our owners to use the private amenities they pay for without overcrowding.

I will work to ensure that Tahoe Donner is a place where we can continue to peacefully enjoy these activities in a residential, family oriented environment. 

Click here to see the full e-mail sent to Tahoe Donner Residents on June 1 outlining my positions on critical issues.


Your Vote Counts: Laura for our community

June 16 e-mail to TD owners

On the Board, I will work for you: 

  • To preserve Tahoe Donner as a residential community run for the benefit of homeowners, both full and part-time, who consider this their home.

  • To preserve our open space and first-rate amenities operated for the benefit of the members, with fair fees and access for owners, their families and guests at busy times. 

  • For a focus on the values that draw us together: a love of the outdoors and our family friendly community.

  • For a sustainable long-term future, environmentally, socially and economically.

Click here to see the full e-mail sent to Tahoe Donner Residents on June 16 with links to my position papers and short video clips outlining my positions on critical issues.


Tahoe Donner Amenity Access Task Force 

In 2018 and 2019, at the request of and under the direction of the Board, I headed the Short Term Rental and Amenity Access task force


The last assignment for the task force did was to look at the Private Amenities, in particular the Marina, Trout Creek and the Northwoods Pool in relationship to over-crowding.  In March of 2019 we wrapped up the task force and handed it over to staff for further analysis and action.

The task force prepared a summary document for the Board, which is available by clicking here.


On March 23, 2019 I gave a presentation to the Board and handed the information over to staff. Below is an 8 minute video from the Board presentation (without the detailed discussion of each amenity) that talks about our analysis and the next steps, which involved turning the process over to staff.

Board Presentation 8 minute version

The full 30 minute version of the presentation with detailed discussion about each amenity is available by clicking on the link below (Tahoe Donner Website).  The presentation starts at 4:35.

Board Presentation Full



My first involvement in efforts to maintain our quality of life and safety was on the task force formed to address increases in nuisance and other inappropriate activity significantly interfering with member enjoyment of our homes. I was asked to chair the task force, which began a process involving months of member input, meetings and in depth exchanges of ideas among the members with very differing views and experiences.


I truly believe that the ultimate result significantly improved quality of life and safety for all our members. Because it was an inclusive process, including several months of Board hearings after the months of task force work, it enabled input and consideration of all differing viewpoints and perspectives.

Click here to see my position 


STR Rules

The Short-Term Rental and Amenity Task Force was established by the Board in September 2017 in response to significant increases in member complaints about nuisance and other inappropriate activity, and the lack of effective enforcement. Despite its name, the first tasks in its charter were not directed at short-term rentals, but at analyzing the most wide-spread problems being experienced regardless of source, and determining whether the behavior was governed by existing rules or whether new or clarified rules were needed to address the issues.


The task force also addressed the need for enforcement proceedings that were prompt and efficient, and could allow resolution in real time.


As set out in the accompanying document regarding the Quality of Life Rules, the first recommendations by the task force related to amendments to the Private Property Rules and enforcement procedures. These addressed:


  • Nuisance activity and safety issues experienced by many members,

  • The need for prompt, real-time enforcement to address the problem and prevent reoccurrence.


The rules and enforcement procedures adopted apply equally to all members, whether the issue relates to a short-term rental or not.

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We have more in common than dividing us

At the candidate forum one question stated "Tahoe Donner is much more divided than is used to be."   


I don't agree. I know we have much more that unites us than divides us.  Most bought homes in TD to enjoy out outdoor space, to enjoy our amenities.  We bought here to spend time with our family and friends.  If you agree with me...please give me your vote.  I'll work to ensure that you as an owner can enjoy TD and it's great amenities with your family and friends.

We are more united than divided video Clip

Accessory Dwelling Units

Truckee is facing a housing crisis as a result the state has mandated that all parts of the state allow 2nd units to be built on residential properties.  We do have control over what that means for Tahoe-Donner.  Late in 2019 I gave presentation to the board outlining our HOA's options.

Click here to see my board presentation


Preservation of our residential neighborhood

If you are following my campaign you know that I am a strong proponent of maintaining the neighborhood feel of Tahoe Donner.  Attached an e-mail that I sent to TD homeowners outlining my views as it relates to this important issue.

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