I am delighted to have people who believe in what I stand for endorse my Candidacy. 


However, I do want to very clear...my campaign is entirely self funded.  I am running because I want to ensure Tahoe Donner is a wonderful place to live...whether it is full or part time.  It's a great place to raise a family and spend time with family and friends.  It has amazing amenities and open space that we are all proud of...and that we can access. Even though I am only here part time, it's a place I am delighted to call my home.


The following Tahoe Donner residents support Laura for the Board:

Stan Bienus

Joe Bono

Pavel Bosin, member of Architectural Standard Committee Task Force*

Michael Bledsoe, former member of General Plan Committee*

Annie Carrino

Sandi Cornell, member of General Plan Committee*

Allan Crawford

Deborah Hakansson

Ragnar Hakansson

Carol Lindsay

Paco Lindsay

John Maciejewski, member of General Plan Committee*

Greg McDougall, former Tahoe Donner Board president*

Charles Wu, Tahoe Donner Board president*

Jeff Shellito, member of General Plan Committee*

Marlys Zusy




*This endorsement is made in an individual capacity and does not represent the views or opinions of Tahoe Donner or any official Tahoe Donner groups or bodies.