Board Focus

Board Focus

Responding to the financial, health and safety impacts of COVID-19. The correct response now will put Tahoe Donner in the best position to rebound from the current crisis while preserving the value of our homes and our quality of life.

We must mitigate revenue loss, safeguard our members and staff as amenities reopen, and avoid financial burden our members as we get our lives back in order from COVID-19.

Preserving quality of life. Preservation and enhancement of our tranquility, open space, amenities and unique features that caused most of us to buy homes here, while maintaining TD as an affordable, family-friendly community, has been and remains a top priority.  

Member benefit should guide all decisions.  Without this focus, we run the risk of losing the very qualities that drew most of us to TD.


Anticipating and responding to challenges ahead. 

We must be prepared for: 

  • Increased fire risk and availability of reasonably priced home insurance,  

  • Third emergency egress 

  • Potential snow shortfalls associated with climate change 

  • Enhance internet service, as more members rely on internet connections for work, safety and connectivity, 

  • Other changing environmental/ regulatory conditions.

Vision for our Future: Looking ahead to where we will be and what we want to look like in 10 to 20 years.  We need a long-term vision for Tahoe Donner as a vibrant, livable and sustainable community, economically, socially and environmentally. 

This includes tangible and intangible qualities such as strengthening our neighborhood connections; creating walkways and bikeways to enhance circulation in a healthy, environmentally sound way; protecting our environment; enhanced internet service; and continuing focus on what sets us apart. In short, we need to envision and plan a community that will enrich us and our families for many years to come.

Member input. Most importantly...decisions should be made in an inclusive process, with opportunity and consideration of member views.  The best decisions are made where members are heard and encouraged to listen to other members to reach common ground on controversial issues.  I will continue to reach out to members both in person and virtually to ensure that your voice is heard.