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Candidate Statement



Purchasing a second home in Tahoe Donner was one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made.   We treasure the peace, open space, unlimited outdoor activities, family time, and wonderful neighbors, both full- and part-time, that make this an amazing community. 

For the last few years, I have successfully championed initiatives to improve our quality of life and safety, prevent party houses, eliminate commercial wedding venues in residences, and retain our family friendly nature and ambiance. We now face the severe impacts of COVID-19, which threaten both Tahoe Donner and our members. I am running for the Board to help us recover from the impacts of the virus, and to continue my efforts to protect and enhance our quality of life, now and in the future.

A VOTE for me is a:

  1. VOTE to protect the safety and financial welfare of Tahoe Donner and our members as we recover from COVID-19;

  2. VOTE to preserve the open space, neighborhood feel, amenities and unique features that caused most of us to buy our homes here, while preserving our affordable, family-friendly nature;

  3. VOTE for an inclusive process, where members are heard and encouraged to listen to other members to reach common ground on controversial issues; and

  4. VOTE for a vibrant and sustainable future for the enjoyment of the members and their families for many years to come.


For over 20 years, my husband and I have spent as much time as possible in Tahoe Donner, enjoying the year-around outdoor activities, particularly cross-country skiing, cycling, hiking and kayaking. As a competitive cyclist, I attribute training in the Tahoe mountains for achieving multiple state and national cycling championships.   My appreciation for our unique community even now continues to grow.

In my non-Tahoe Donner life, I am an attorney with a strong business and analytical background.  I attended UCLA Law School, graduating at the top of my class.  My law practice focused on complex, commercial business disputes, with an emphasis on matters involving contract and financial issues, including securities, accounting, real estate and energy.  

I’ve done extensive volunteer work on housing and quality of life issues.  I served as the appointed Citizen Representative to the Community Advisory Committee for long-term visioning and regional planning for the southeast, ecologically sensitive area of Long Beach that includes beaches, wetlands and wildlife habitats.


For the past few years, I’ve focused on improving quality of life and enhancing our Tahoe Donner community.

I chaired the short-term rental and amenity task force.  The task force addressed problems faced by many members that interfered with the enjoyment of their properties, and the lack of effective enforcement procedures.  The task force helped the Board establish quality of life standards and better enforcement procedures that benefit all members, with an emphasis on resolving issues promptly and informally wherever possible. The inclusive process involved input from a large number of members with diverse perspectives over many months, with in-depth discussions and respectful exchange of ideas. Part-time and full-time members benefit from the results: the ability to peacefully enjoy their homes whenever they are here, and the avoidance of risky behavior that endangers us all.

I utilize my knowledge of state and local legislation that impacts neighborhoods for our benefit.   I brought the Board’s attention to recent Accessory Dwelling Unit legislation that requires homeowners’ associations to allow secondary units on single family properties to address the need for affordable, local housing.  I assisted Tahoe Donner in drafting rules that comply with the law while preserving the single-family nature of our community.

I am currently Vice-Chair of the General Plan Committee, focused on maintaining our first-rate amenities, family-centered facilities and community. And, I regularly communicate with local officials regarding quality of life issues and will, if elected, ensure that Tahoe Donner works closely with the Town to meet our needs.


My background, experience, and demonstrated commitment provide the basis for me to help craft solutions to difficult issues we face now, and to plan a vibrant future for our community:

  • Recover from and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 Our immediate focus must be on responding to the health, safety and financial impacts of COVID-19 on Tahoe Donner and its members.  The correct response now will put Tahoe Donner in the best position to rebound from the current crisis while preserving the value of our homes and our quality of life.

    We must mitigate the loss of revenues, limitations on use of our amenities and health and safety impacts on members and staff, and avoid undue financial burden on our members as we put our lives back in order.

  • Preserve our community: the open space, amenities and outdoor, family friendly life-style. 
    Open space is our most precious commodity.  Preservation of that space and the avoidance of commercialization should be our guiding principle. 

    High quality amenities should continue to be a hallmark for Tahoe Donner. Our public amenities provide financial benefits and an enhanced experience to the members.   The smaller, private amenities (Trout Creek, the Marina and Northwoods Pool), as the name implies, are private and should be operated and access prioritized for members, their family and guests. Members should not be squeezed out of these facilities.

    Capital expenditures to maintain or replace aging or obsolete facilities and ensure the value of Tahoe Donner are necessary, and should be foreseen and planned for.  Large expenditures must be evaluated based on benefits to members, available resources, avoidance of undue operational risks and prioritization among competing needs.  Assessment increases after COVID 19 recovery, as needed to meet rising costs and maintain the high quality of our amenities and services, should be prudent and maintain the affordable, family friendly nature of TD.

    We need to strengthen communications and coordination with local officials to further the interests of Tahoe Donner.  Our needs and concerns should be advanced in a positive manner that highlights our contributions and leads to mutual benefits, including fire safety and emergency evacuation.

  • Envision and Plan for a sustainable future in a vibrant community   

    We need a long-term vision for Tahoe Donner as a vibrant, livable and sustainable community, economically, socially and environmentally, that looks ahead to where we will be, not just where we are now. This includes preparing for challenges ahead, such as climate change, increased fire risk (and the availability of reasonably priced home insurance), and changing regulatory and economic constraints.



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